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Optus boosts regional mobile coverage

5 February, 2016

Regional areas can expect a boost in Optus mobile coverage as the telco has acquired new regional licenses in the 1800 MHz spectrum band, meaning Optus can expand its 4G network coverage to more places around the country.

Illegal internet boosters block rural access, adding insult to injury for farmers with poor coverage

5 December, 2015

Access to the internet and a phone service are basic requirements to run a business, but both are in short supply in many rural communities.

Telcos get second chance to bid in Aussie mobile blackspot program

5 December, 2015

Australia's telecommunications companies will get another chance to bid for tens of millions in funding from the government to build mobile towers in regional blackspots as the second round of the national mobile blackspot program opens.

Satellite coverage through SatSleeve gives Optus 100% mobile coverage

5 November, 2015

Optus has laid claim to providing 100 percent of the Australian population with mobile coverage after the launch of its SatSleeve satellite service.

Telstra battles use of illegal repeater

5 September, 2015

POOR mobile phone coverage throughout the Biloela region isn't Telstra's mistake - instead, a customer using an illegal repeater is to blame..

Mobile phone repeaters targeted by ACMA and Fair Trading

5 May, 2015

The Australian Communications and Media Authority and NSW Fair Trading have joined forces to crack down on the use of illegal signal boosters that are being used to improve patchy mobile phone reception.

Mobile phone repeaters targeted by ACMA and Fair Trading

5 May, 2015

The Australian Communications and Media Authority and NSW Fair Trading have joined forces to crack down on the use of illegal signal boosters that are being used to improve patchy mobile phone reception.

Big three telcos make their call on mobile black spots

20 April, 2015

The three big mobile network companies have all put in proposals under the federal government’s $100 million Mobile Black Spot Programme, which aims to improve mobile phone coverage in outer metropolitan, rural and regional Australia.

Nationals promise to upgrade NSW regional trains and mobile network

15 March, 2015

Party leader and deputy premier Troy Grant also pledges at campaign launch that a re-elected Coalition government will not sell any electricity assets in the bush.

Illegal mobile phone signal boosters causing problems for other network users

7 March, 2015

Poor mobile phone reception is a part of life for many people living in regional Australia, and a growing number of residents are turning to crime to combat the problem.

Telstra, Ericsson to partner on 5G

2 March, 2015

Telstra will partner with its long-term equipment supplier Ericsson to define 5G technology in an effort to launch the network for commercial use in 2020

Telstra to build 22 new WA mobile towers

18 February, 2015

Telstra will build 22 new mobile phone towers across regional Western Australia after the state government announced it would invest $45 million into boosting mobile coverage

Vodafone declares turnaround complete

9 February, 2015

Australia’s third largest telco Vodafone has completed a three-year turnaround effort initiated following large-scale network and customer service issues in 2010

Singtel-Optus chief pledges to break Telstra's stronghold

27 January, 2015

SingTel-Optus' new chief executive Allen Lew has pledged to break Telstra's mobile service dominance and build the nation's leading network in a move that could trigger a multibillion-dollar construction arms race between the telco giants

New technology to zero in on emergency calls

18 December, 2014

Callers in emergency situations will now have their locations automatically sent to 000 as part of new capabilities from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and emergency services.

Time to fix mobile black spots

9 December, 2014

AT over 60 community meetings in 38 regional and remote electorates around Australia in the past 15 months, I have heard a very clear message: people living in these areas want better mobile coverage.

MPs to influence black spot program

8 December, 2014

Australians living in towns and regions with vocal political representation are more likely to benefit under the federal government’s mobile black spots program

Vodafone flicks the 4G+ switch on 678 sites

17 November, 2014

Vodafone is switching on 678 4G+ network sites in Victoria today and plans to enable another 71 sites within the next six weeks.

Optus switches on 4G in 40 regional areas

17 November, 2014

Optus is accelerating its 4G rollout across Australian regional areas, with 4G 2600MHz services now switched on in sites across 40 regional centres.

Queensland riddled with 900 mobile phone black spots

15 November, 2014

QUEENSLAND is riddled with almost 900 mobile phone black spots, with some of the highest concentrations on Brisbane’s doorstep.

Telstra 4GX: All you need to know

3 November, 2014

REMEMBER when 3G first came out? Then Telstra rolled out the ‘Next-G’ network?Well, today Telstra officially unveiled its new mobile network technology 4GX which is essentially the new Next-G network for 4G.

Telstra expands 700MHz '4GX' rollout to Brisbane, Hobart

3 November, 2014

Telstra is moving to differentiate its new 4G network expansion into the 700MHz spectrum band, labelling the network "4GX".

Optus 4G expands reach in Darwin

3 November, 2014

Optus customers with compatible devices will now get faster mobile Internet in Greater Darwin as the telco expands its superfast 4G services beyond Darwin’s central business district.

Country phone users 'ripped off' by lack of choice of telcos: Vodafone

17 October, 2014

REGIONAL Australia is paying $100 million in unnecessary phone premiums every year, an Albury conference heard yesterday..

Telstra is best, but even worst Australian mobile networks not bad by European standards: report

7 October, 2014

Telstra has been crowned the winner in a benchmark test comparing Australia's mobile network operators across voice and data services, followed by Optus and Vodafone.

Govt reveals 6000 mobile black spots

7 October, 2014

The Victorian Government is pushing for more than half of the federal government funding allocated Australia-wide for sites identified by the public as being mobile coverage black spots.

Optus' Coverage Maps Show Its Massive 700MHz 4G Rollout

23 September, 2014

When it paid $650 million for long-range 700MHz spectrum in 2013, we all knew that Optus would be putting it to good use for fast and expansive mobile network coverage — but we just didn’t know when. Optus’ new coverage map shows its future 4G Plus rollout zones, covering much wider areas around Australia’s capital cities

Major upgrade doubles download speed for Optus 4G

22 September, 2014

OPTUS has flicked on the switch on a major speed upgrade of its mobile network, which will ­double the download speeds of its 4G services. The upgrade positions Optus as the first telco in Australia to commercially launch LTE-­Advanced Carrier Aggregation, which greatly improves the speed performance of mobile networks by bonding multiple radio ­frequencies.

Telstra expands 700 MHz LTE network

11 September, 2014

Telstra has unveiled a $1.3 billion investment plan to expand coverage of its LTE (4G) network to 90 percent of the population and to exploit its recently acquired 700MHz spectrum by enabling compatible devices to use 700MHz and 1800MHz frequencies simultaneously to boost bandwidth

Vodafone bets on billion-dollar boost to network

4 August, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia chief executive Inaki Berroetta says his company has spent almost $1 billion on its network alone over the past 12 months as part of its plan to fix the business and catch its rivals, Telstra and SingTel-Optus.

Mobile and internet woes frustrate farmers

15 July, 2014

NSW farmers are being forced to climb trees, on top of sheds or drive kilometres from home to get a decent mobile phone signal.

NSW prison extends trial to jam phones

9 July, 2014

A PHONE-JAMMING trial at a central west NSW jail will be extended for three months.

Telstra to hyper-connect Adelaide Oval

9 July, 2014

Telstra is set to pump millions into making Adelaide Oval one of the most connected stadiums in Australia, with the telco to beef up the mobile capacity available for fans.

Mobile coverage the missing lifeline in country Australia

4 July, 2014

A $100 million fund to improve mobile coverage will deliver results for remote and rural communities, writes Paul Fletcher.

Telstra ‘strangling competition in the bush

4 July, 2014

MACQUARIE Telecom has accused Telstra of unfairly using its market dominance to strangle competition in the bush and is urging the competition regulator to intervene and use its powers to loosen the telco giant’s grip on remote Australia.

NBN rural and remote fixed wireless coverage hits 100,000 premises

1 July, 2014

NBN Co's fixed wireless service in rural and remote areas has risen nearly fourfold in the past year to 106,000 premises.

Australian airlines to offer uninterrupted mobile device use

25 June, 2014

Australia’s air safety regulator has concluded it is no longer unsafe for mobile phones and tablet computers to be switched on during take-off and landing.

Vodafone, Optus mobile networks down as Telstra's ADSL takes a hit

19 June, 2014

Vodafone and Optus’ mobile networks took a blow on Thursday, June 19, with the telecommunications providers confirming mobile network outages throughout the day, while Telstra experienced ADSL service disruptions.

Vodafone's network goes down across Australia

19 June, 2014

Vodafone has offered its users a weekend of free data after experiencing major network issues which downed nationwide mobile services for several hours, in an afternoon when customers of all three Australian network providers suffered degrees of service interruptions

Telstra reaches for regional Australia with 700MHz spectrum

17 June, 2014

Telstra has hit speeds of 235 Mbps in a test of 4G mobile broadband using 700MHz spectrum in Perth.

After 29 years, ‘I’m going into a tunnel’ will no longer cut it in Melbourne

10 June, 2014

The 29-year run of phone call-free trips through Melbourne’s underground City Loop rail line could soon come to an end, with the state government set to switch on mobile services.

Planning minister calls for undue mobile tower restrictions to be relaxed

6 June, 2014

In response to concerns about the siting of network towers raised by the Member for Kwinana in Parliament, WA Planning Minister and Member for Kalamunda, John Day said the State government had plans to review the state’s planning policy for telecommunications facilities.

Telstra brushes off threat from Optus network revamp

26 May, 2014

Telstra retail group executive Gordon Ballantyne says the company “is not concerned in the slightest” by rival SingTel-Optus’ move to ramp up network investments to $1.2 billion over the next 12 months

No rush on mobile coverage

15 May, 2014

THE Coalition’s election pledge to spend $100 million fixing mobile black spots has been spared the budget axe but it will still be more than 12 months before the first equipment is installed.

Regional Western Australia lands $45m for mobile coverage

9 May, 2014

Over the next four years, the Western Australian government is slated to enter phase two of its Regional Mobile Communication Project, as AU$45m was allocated in the state's budget yesterday.

Wireless towers to double in bush

8 May, 2014

Hundreds more wireless towers will be installed for the National Broadband Network, contributing to a blowout of a third in the cost of providing super-fast internet to the bush.

Virgin Mobile outage leaves customers without phone service

3 May, 2014

Virgin Mobile customers languished without phone service on Saturday after the national network suffered a partial collapse on Friday night.

State government announces mobile coverage upgrade for rail lines

3 April, 2014

Mobile coverage for tunnels on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs railway line was switched on this week, NSW transport minister Gladys Berejiklian has announced.

Vodafone takes fight to Telstra over regional mobile funding

9 March, 2014

Vodafone has told the federal government that the AU$100 million allocated to improve mobile coverage in regional Australia should aim to improve competition in regional Australia, rather than just funding more Telstra mobile towers.

Victoria to lobby Feds for mobile blackspot funding

7 February, 2014

On the fifth anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires, Victorian technology minister Gordon Rich-Phillips has pledged to lobby the federal government to prioritise some of the state’s most vulnerable regions in its $100 million mobile black spot fund.

Govt-funded mobile towers not due until 2015

22 January, 2014

The Federal Government isn't expecting to see the first fruits of its $100 million investment in mobile telecommunications blackspots until at least "some time in 2015".

Government wants help in spotting mobile black spots

6 January, 2014

Rural residents and holidaymakers visiting Australian regional towns and remote areas can now help the government identify which areas need better mobile coverage

Telstra reaches target of 3500 4G base stations

18 December, 2013

Telstra has reached its Christmas target of 3500 4G base stations with a week to spare. It says coverage now reaches 85% of the Australian population.

Call for help to find mobile black spots

19 October, 2013

Vodafone is expanding the number of users that can access its 4G network by opening the asset to prepaid users for the first time.

ACMA receives 50 network interference complaints a week

4 October, 2013

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is receiving about 50 complaints a week about instances of radiofrequency interference

ACMA warns on mobile phone repeaters

26 August, 2013

ACMA has warned that the use of unlicensed mobile phone repeaters can result in a jail sentence. Such devices are openly sold on eBay for around $100.

Coalition's mobile coverage policy will ignite investment: Vodafone

25 August, 2013

The Coalition's policy to dedicate AU$100 million to improving mobile phone coverage in regional and rural Australia is a small start, according to Vodafone Australia CEO Bill Morrow, but could ignite further investment in mobile coverage by government and industry.

Vodafone Australia adds 1,200 sites to regional network

12 August, 2013

Vodafone Australia today announced that it has expanded its regional network by 40 percent, as it flicked the switch on 1,200 new regional sites across the country to add half a million square kilometres to its network footprint.

Optus increases 4G and 3G coverage

July 9, 2013

Optus has completed a major expansion of its 4G and 3G mobile networks in Adelaide with the launch of 25 new 4G sites and more than 150 upgraded 3G sites.

V/Line to boost mobile coverage on trains

June 11, 2013

Victorian regional transport operator V/Line is conducting a new raft of mobile signal strength tests on its trains, following ongoing complaints from customers.

Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra 'robot'

June 4, 2013

A beer fridge in north-east Victoria is the latest victim of an increasingly-sophisticated software "robot" employed by Telstra to identify things that interfere with its mobile network.

Sydney train tunnels get phone reception

April 14, 2013

The NSW government has been working with Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone to install more than 10 kilometres of cabling to provide reception for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Our worst mobile black spots

April 5, 2013

Despite decades in technological advancements, black spots continue to exasperate mobile phone users

Telstra preps stronger 3G signal for ski season

April 4, 2013

Telstra is planning to build a new, bigger mobile communications tower in the NSW ski village of Perisher to improve 3G signals to the area and avoid National Park employees getting hit by falling ice shards.

Vodafone and NBN Co explore tower sharing to improve coverage

24 January, 2013

NBN Co has entered into agreements with Telstra and Optus for the three companies to share mobile tower infrastructure, but Vodafone is still in discussions with the government-owned company.

Mobile networks brace for New Year’s congestion

10 December, 2012

With high demand on mobile networks expected on New Year’s Eve, the top three Australian carriers will rely on apps and network enhancements to avoid failed calls and text messages at midnight.

Mobile black spots a disaster

20 November, 2012

REGIONAL politicians have called on the federal government to fill rural mobile phone reception black spots to boost its location-based mobile disaster alert system.

Small cells ring in a change for mobile operators

16 November, 2012

The growth of small cell and femtocell mobile phone connectivity has created an opportunity for a small Canberra-based start-up to help network engineers optimise the power and coverage of mobile phone base stations.

ACMA fields more complaints on mobile interference

17 October, 2012

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has seen a steady increase in complaints about interference to mobile phone

ACMA to crack down on illegal repeaters

21 September, 2012

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will spend the next year targeting devices like illegal mobile repeaters and jammers that interfere with radiofrequency spectrum.

Telstra suspects underbelly of illegal repeaters

27 July, 2012

Telstra engineers suspect a "vast" undercurrent of illegal repeaters are causing issues for the carrier's Next G mobile network across Australia.

Vodafone moves on mobile network upgrades

3 July, 2012

VODAFONE Australia is spending $1 billion to upgrade and extend its mobile network, and to introduce faster technology. It has begun marketing them under the slogan: "Better, faster, stronger than before".

Telstra 4G spreads, Next G still king

5 June, 2012

Telstra has revealed that it is selling close to 40,000 "4G" devices per month, and has boasted that a new survey ranks Telstra's Next G network performance above that of Optus and Vodafone.

Vodafone ranked last for network coverage

31 May, 2012

VODAFONE'S mobile phone network has been dealt another blow. It was ranked last among the nation's carriers for network coverage with an effective two-star rating.

Optus, Voda agree to expanded network

4 May, 2012

Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) have agreed to expand their joint-venture network agreement, adding an additional 1800 base stations to Vodafone's 3G network and 1000 to Optus' 3G and long-term evolution (LTE) networks.

Telstra launches 4G, but beware blackspots

January 24, 2012

AUSTRALIAN smartphone users will be able to access Telstra's new 4G mobile network from today.

But don't expect the fastest data speeds at Sydney's Bondi Beach, Melbourne's Kew and Brisbane's Chelmer

Telstra, Optus prepare to oppose tower bill

November 11, 2011

Major mobile carriers and industry organisations are preparing last-minute submissions opposing a plan to give communities more power in deciding the location of antennas and upgrades.

Optus bids for home phones with femtocell launch

July 28, 2011

Optus has become the first Australian telco to commercially launch femtocell devices for customers seeking to boost their mobile signal strength.

Optus flags $25m Tassie mobile network upgrade

May 16, 2011

Optus has flagged a two-year, $25 million investment program in Tasmania, aiming to triple the number of base stations serving its mobile network on the island state.

Optus pips VHA with consumer femtocells

April 14, 2011

Optus has revealed a limited consumer pilot project of femtocell devices made by Alcatel-Lucent, pipping rival Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) to market.



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